Hardball The Girls of Summer

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Hardball The Girls of Summer

2019 | USA

  • 1h 15min
  • |
  • Action, Documentary
  • |
  • 24 September 2019 (USA)
  • |
  • English


“Hardball: The Girls of Summer” follows the top female baseball players in the USA, all members of the globally ranked US Women’s National Baseball Team. They play BASEBALL – not softball – and fight for equality, recognition, and acceptance in a sport that continues to exclude women and girls. These trailblazers chase their dream of winning a Gold Medal at the Women’s Baseball World Cup, playing professional ball, and creating opportunities for the girls coming up behind them. This is their quest to prove that women and girls belong on the baseball diamond and have a place in America’s Pastime. This is the world of women’s baseball. Narrated by Jessica Mendoza.

  • Writer: Matthew Temple
  • Director: Matthew Temple
  • Actors: Francis Ford Coppola, Stacy Piagno, Kelsie Whitmore
  • IMDB: 5.0

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