Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

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Download Movies For Free | Free Movie:Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

2018 | USA

  • 86 min
  • |
  • Action, Animation, Fantasy
  • |
  • 27 Mar 2018
  • |
  • English


Task Force X targets a powerful mystical object that they will risk their lives to steal.

  • Writer: Alan Burnett, John Ostrander (character created by: Amanda Waller), John Byrne (character created by: Amanda Waller), Denny O’Neil (character created by: Bronze Tiger), Bob Haney (character created by: Copperhead), Gerry Conway (character created by: Count Vertigo), Trevor Von Eeden (character created by: Count Vertigo), Lew Schwartz (character created by: Deadshot), Paul Dini (character created by: Harley Quinn), Bruce Timm (character created by: Harley Quinn), Gerry Conway (character created by: Killer Frost), Al Milgrom (character created by: Killer Frost), Grant Morrison (character created by: Professor Pyg), Frank Quitely (character created by: Professor Pyg), Andy Kubert (character created by: Professor Pyg), Steve Ditko (characters created by: Punch and Jewelee), John Byrne (character created by: Silver Banshee), Tony Isabella (character created by: Tobias Whale), Trevor Von Eeden (character created by: Tobias Whale)
  • Director: Sam Liu
  • Actors: Christian Slater, Vanessa Williams, Billy Brown, Kristin Bauer van Straten
  • IMDB: 7.0

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