The Damned Thing

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The Damned Thing

2014 | USA

  • 84 min
  • |
  • Horror, Thriller
  • |
  • 05 Dec 2014
  • |
  • English

The Damned Thing:Plot

Three tales of mystery and horror are told from the narration of famed paranormal investigator Eddie Osborne to his newly hired videographer, Will, as they document the supernatural occurrences of an abandoned hotel. The tales Eddie narrates build the foundation of his theory regarding paranormal instances, which he refers to as “The Damned”. The first story details the events of a missing wife and the husband suspected for murder. Upon moving into their new dream home, newlywed couple, Michael and Lana, begin to experience odd occurrences and life-like nightmares in the home. The couple struggle to keep their sanity and marriage together while living in the home with negative forces. The second story portrays the behaviors of psychotic individuals damned by negative energy from childhood. Lester, a serial killer dressed in a clown costume, wreaks havoc on Halloween night murdering the man who bullied him when they were kids. The last story details the events of a missing film crew in the woods filming a tracking Bigfoot pilot show. After arriving in the woods to film, the crew comes in contact with a backwoods man who promises to show them something more real and terrifying than Bigfoot. With the intrigue of capturing something spectacular on camera, the crew follows the backwoods man into the woods and into their last known whereabouts.

  • Writer: Derrick Granado
  • Director: Derrick Granado
  • Actors: Canon Buckingham, Zach Kepple, Rodney Osborne, Elizabeth McGrath
  • IMDB: 3.0

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